The Tridoshas are the primary and essential factors of the human body that govern our entire physical structure and function… the equilibrium of tridoshas in a body is known as a healthy body and the imbalance of these makes the body unhealthy. Samhitas (the authentic texts of Ayurveda) describes the benefit of Ayurveda like this–Swasthyashya Swasthya Rakshanam, Aturashya Vikara Prashamanancha which means to maintain the health of the healthy, rather than to cure the diseases of the diseased. Ayurveda doesn’t merely treat the affected part but strikes at the whole root cause of a particular disease.

Sai has been here in South Africa since 2010 serving the real nature cure directly from kerala -the gods on country.As you enter our premises, you will feel a calm and serene ambiance created by the atmosphere   and the faint aroma of medicated oils. You are given a consultation with our expert doctor and then sent in for a specialized treatment.


“I am really impressed with the Warmth of the staff.”
“I am very happy with the results of 2 weeks of ayurvedic treatment for my slipped disc that was to be operated for. I saw the doctor every day and had ayurvedic medicines three times a day. I had morning massage and treatments for the problems for one and half hour almost. I am happy to report complete improvement in my health. May god bless them.. I felt very pampered and the results are long lasting. “
“My treatment programme was superb and the beautiful girls who administered the massages were impeccable and oh so sweet and kind… felt like a queen every day. My advise to you is…….open your heart and let this place feed your soul… can find only happiness and peace waiting for you.”
“I felt good improvement of my ailment from the condition. I came with severe arthritic pain and swelling to this Centre. Continuing the medication with hope of great relief.”
“I was suffering from acute pain and stiffness in my back, neck and shoulders and sometimes in chest region. I took a treatment of 21 days and now the pain subsided and the stiffness just vanished. This is a miracle I must say!.”
“We need more of such Institutions in the country traditional Ayurvedic Treatment with a such modern methods. Prompt and appropriate treatment with the help of a bunch of well qualified and extremely friendly staff at all lands. Clean and hygienic place with traditionally proven home made Ayurvedic medicines .We are proud of you!”
“Ayurveda was first time in my life enjoyed each and every movement here feeling difference with full of energy and it was a great experience”
“It was a wonderful experience of real ayurvedic massage with a difference in natural-friendly environment.”
“My visit was rejuvenations for my body, mind and spirit and visible benefits in deeper understanding of Ayurveda principles. I am implementing this knowledge not only in my daily routine, but also spreading to other people”
“…a treatment which was undertaken to tackle one complaint has enabled me to reach a whole new level of well-being…”